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How to overcome the mechanical laws of Return and Recurrence?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

Human personality is nothing else than a machine in the service of those "I"s with so many commitments. What is the worst about this question, is that all these commitments of the people whom we carry within, are fulfilled without our understanding previously having any information. In this sense, our human personality resembles a cart pulled by multiple horses.

There are lives of most exact repetition, recurrent existences which are never modified. In no way could the comedies, dramas and tragedies of life be repeated on the screen of existence, if the actors did not exist. The actors of all these scenes are the "I"s which we carry within and which come from former existences. If we disintegrate the "I"s of anger, the tragic scenes of violence inevitably come to an end.

If we reduce the secret agents of covetousness to cosmic dust, its problems will totally finish. If we annihilate the "I"s of lust, the scenes of brothel and of sexual morbosity will all finish. If we reduce the secret characters of envy to ashes, its events will radically conclude.

If we slay the "I"s of pride, of vanity, of conceit, of self-importance, the ridiculous scenes of these defects will draw to a close for lack of actors. If we eliminate from our psyche the factors of sloth, inertia and laziness, the horrifying scenes of this kind of defects cannot be repeated because of lack of actors. If we pulverize the sickening "I"s of gluttony, of greed for food, then feasting, drunkeness, etc, will come to an end for lack of actors.

Since these multiple "I"s are lamentably processed at the different levels of the Being, it is necessary to know their causes, their origin and the christic procedures which eventually will have to lead us to the death of the myself and to final liberation.

Samael Aun Weor. The Great Rebellion.

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

In due time, we return, we come back to this world, it is not very pleasant to return, but we return. This is the law of the eternal return of all things, planets return to their starting point after a few months or years, the atoms within the molecule return to their original starting point. The seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter return every year, everything returns, everything comes back, why should we be an exception? Unquestionably we return, we reincorporate into a new organism.

We are not talking about reincarnation, that is higher; this is the law of the eternal return of all things and that law is already demonstrated.

The life of each one of us in particular is a living film that when we die we take with us to eternity. Each of us takes his film and brings it back to show it again on the screen of a new existence.

The repetition of dramas, comedies and tragedies is a fundamental axiom of the law of recurrence. In each new existence the same circumstances are always repeated. The actors of such scenes always repeated are those people who live within us, the "I's".

If we disintegrate those actors, those "I's" that originate the always repeated scenes of our life, then the repetition of such circumstances would become something more than impossible.

Obviously without actors there cannot be scenes; this is something irrefutable, unquestionable.

This is how we can free ourselves from the laws of return and recurrence; so we can truly set ourselves free.

Obviously each one of the characters (I's) that we carry within us, repeats its same role from existence to existence; if we disintegrate it, if the actor dies, the role ends.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 90, Chapter: "Return and Recurrence".