What is the Sophism of Distraction?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Sophisms are the false reasoning which induce us to err and which are gestated by the ego in the forty- nine levels of the subconscious.

The subconscious is the sepulcher of the past upon which burns the fatuous flame of thought and in which the sophisms of distraction are gestated; the latter lead the intellectual animal to fascination, and thereby, to the sleep of consciousness.

What is kept within the sepulcher is rottenness and bones of the dead, but the sepulchral stone is very beautiful and on it fatally burns the flame of the intellect.

If we want to dissolve the ‘I’, we have to uncover the subconscious sepulcher and exhume au the bones and rottenness of the past. The sepulcher is very beautiful outside, but within, it is filthy and  abominable; we need to become gravediggers.

To insult another person, to hurt his intimate feelings, to humiliate him, is something that is very easy when it is done supposedly to correct him for his own good. This is how irate people think those who while believing that they do not hate, hate without knowing that they hate.

Many are the people who struggle in life to be rich. They work, save and strive for excellence in everything, but the secret trigger of all their activities is secret envy, which is ignored, which does not come out to the surface, which remains hidden in the sepulcher of the subconscious.
It is difficult to find in life someone who does not envy the beautiful house, the brand new car, the intelligence of the leader, the beautiful suit, the good social position, the magnificent fortune, etc.

Almost always, the best efforts of citizens have envy as their secret trigger.

Many are the persons who enjoy a good appetite and despise gluttony, but they always eat more than normal.

Many are the people who watch their spouse in an exaggerated manner, but they despise jealousy.

Many are the students of certain pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist schools who despise the things of this world and who do not work at all because everything is vanity, but they are jealous about their virtues and never accept anyone classifying them as lazy.

Many are those who hate flattery and praise, but they have no inconvenience in humiliating with their modesty, the poor poet who composed a verse for them with the only purpose of obtaining a coin to buy bread.

Many are the judges who know how to fulfill their duty, but also, many are the judges who with the virtue of duty have assassinated others. Numerous were the heads that fell at the guillotine of the  French Revolution.

All executioners fulfill their duty and already, millions are the innocent victims of executioners. No executioner feels guilty, they all fulfill their duty...

Prisons are full of innocent people, but the judges do not feel guilty because they are fulfilling their duty.

Full of anger, the father or mother whip and beat their small children, but they do not feel remorse because supposedly, they are fulfilling their duty and they would accept everything except being classified as cruel.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt  from the Book: The Revolution of the Dialectic