All religions are precious stones strung on the golden thread of the Divinity

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Angel_GabrielThe postulate of the wise mathematician Albert Einstein: “Energy is equal to the mass multiplied by the light speed square”, knock the Atheistic materialism down. “The mass is transformed into energy; the energy is transformed into mass”. These wise postulates marked the end of the Materialism.
The binomial Spirit-Matter, it’s nothing but the manifestation of the same thing; this is energy. The Religions have a scientific base, the temples are truly plants of atomic energy; the prayers are mental formulas that allow us to generate energy that goes from a brain to another. This is how the so called miracles happen. Nowadays, whoever mocks the Religion turns to be an enemy of the atomic energy and only the ignorant could laugh of such Truth.
The forces generated in a ritual could be used in the agriculture or to heal sick persons from a distance. There is not far away the day when in which these forces could be photographed and measured with precision devices. The priests of all the Religions now turn to be truly Magicians of the Nuclear Energy.
Death is a truly rest of whole numbers, once the operation has ended only the values remain. Like so, what continues after the death are the Energetic Values of Nature. Such values reincarnate turning then the death into a return to conception.
Life and death are intimately tied up because both of them are modifications of the Universal Energy.
The Religions destructors don’t know the Nuclear physics and whoever mocks about what is unknown to him is in the path of becoming an idiot. The Religion persecutors are poor ignorant. Who criticizes the fellow’s Religion commit a crime against the Universal Charity; the Religions are precious pearls set in the golden threat of Divinity. In the Great Social Reform we must respect all the Religions, Schools, Orders, Believes. Every human being deserve respect, his Religion is a very sacred thing.
The truly Conscious Charity is based upon Comprehension, who fight against the religious principles doesn’t have Conscious Charity.
The Materialistic dialectics was reduced to dust with the wise postulates of the Theory of Relativity. The scientific technique will demonstrate the existence of the Hyper-Space, the energetic value of pride and the rituals as the same as the tremendous reality of the ENERGETIC “I” that continues after the death. The day will come in which the energetic “I” could be taken into a photograph.
Because of the Conscious Charity the Religions, Orders, Schools must get unified to work in pro of the social and economic wellness of the humanity. The fratricidal fights of the different Religions are condemned to the universal disapproval.

The Great Universal Charity is Cosmic Religiousness.

Samael Aun Weor. The Universal Charity