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How is it possible to achieve a fairer society?

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being"..

The Master Samael, in this sense, stresses out the need to create a different political system for Latin America, which includes all social classes, based on his books: the Social Christ and Social Transformation of Humanity. Within which the poor social classes are invited to have access to an authentic education (not to the manipulated and controlled education that they give us today), at a fairer economic standard of living, the payment of cheap labor is another form of slavery by large transnational companies, health services, the right to decent housing, social security must be available to everyone.

Political leaders, union leaders, governors; they should only be administrators of the wealth of the people, they should receive only their just salary, not loot the coffers of society; there must be freedom of worship, the right to health, etc.

For the aforementioned to be possible, an increase in consciousness in each person is essential, if the individual changes, society also, society is the extension of the individual. Such an individual, such a society.

It is useless to proclaim a fair distribution of wealth for all if the individual has egoism of greed, selfishness, cruelty and theft within himself, it is useless to claim social justice if we are unfair to our fellow men. Only with intelligence can we solve the problems of hunger and misery, it is not with violence that we can defeat communism, blood revolutions are of no use but to fill the world with more pain and misery. Only with intelligence can we defeat this fatal monster.

Only by explaining the principles of gnosis can we spread the light and dispel the darkness, it is essential to analyze the principles of the Marxist dialectic and show the world that they do not resist an in-depth analysis. We must make light in the darkness without shedding blood. It is urgent to transform ourselves as individuals, eliminate the factors of selfishness and cruelty from our psyche so that society changes.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 86, Chapter: "The Individual and Society".