How can we end the cruelty that we carry inside?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

If we want to end the cruelty that we carry inside, we should study it, observe it in action inside ourselves, it’s not enough to analyze the word CRUELTY, we need to observe it in ourselves, to discover its MODUS OPERANDI, without JUSTIFYING it nor CONDEMN it, to simply observe it like observing a poisonous flower, when one starts reasoning about what she is, we are not observing it anymore and we need to observe it to get to know it profoundly.

Only by knowing the CRUELTY in depth and in all the LEVELS OF THE MIND, we can then disintegrate it, by reducing it into dust it disintegrates by itself and in its place that what’s called CHARITY IS BORN in a natural and spontaneous way.

We must use the same proceeding for the ambition for power, the control craving, covetousness, etc.

This way and only this way is how the “I” is dying from INSTANT TO INSTANT; only with the death of the “I”, the BEING, the HAPPINESS and the PEACE are born in us.

We should remember that the MIND has many SUBCONCIOUS terrains, strata and regions; we need to explore all those terrains through the MEDITATION with the purpose of discovering the most intimate springs of cruelty, covetousness, ambition, etc., etc., etc.

Many times a defect disappears from the intellectual zone in which we live, but it still continues existing in the others terrains of the mind, only by ending our defects in all the levels of the mind we get to dissolve the “I”, that cruel “I” that wants to command, to be the master and lord of all the world.

The Social Transformation of the Humanity. Chapter 13. Samael Aun Weor.