How the mind becomes affected by watching the bullfight and boxing?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Radio, cinema, television and magazines of blood have given such propagation to the crime of killing; they have made it so agreeable to weak and degenerated minds that the heart does not need to be tempted to put a bullet into someone or to stab another person.

Because there is so much propagation of the crime of killing, weak minds have been too familiarized with crime and now they even give themselves the luxury of killing as imitation of what they saw at the cinema or on television.

Teachers who are the educators of people are obliged, in fulfillment of their duty, to struggle for the new generations asking the governments of the earth for the prohibition of spectacles of blood, and finally the cancellation of all types of films and murders, robberies, etc.

The struggle of teachers should also extend itself to bullfighting and boxing.

The bullfighter is the most coward and criminal type. The bullfighter wants all the advantages for himself and kills to entertain the public.

The boxer is the monster of murder who, in his sadistic manner, hurts and kills to entertain the public.

These types of spectacles of blood are barbaric one hundred percent and they stimulate minds directing them to the path of crime.
If we really want to struggle for Peace in the world, we should begin a marathon campaign against spectacles of blood.

While there exists destructive factors inside the human mind, there will inevitably be war.

Inside the human mind there exists factors that produce war, these factors are hate, criminal instincts, militarist ideas propagated by television, radio, cinema, etc.

The propaganda for peace, the Nobel peace prizes become absurd while there exists within man the psychological factors that produce war.

The Fundamental Education. Samael Aun Weor