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What will Quetzalcoatl's return be like?


Answer from Master Samael Aun Weor.

Quetzalcóatl is gone, but he must live in our hearts, he must be born in each one of us.
He left, yes, as the Souls of the deceased were leaving in ancient Egypt: Sailing in the SHIP OF RA, heading to the ineffable Sun.

Quetzalcoatl is gone, but we must call him with all our hearts; we must invoke it, we must ELIMINATE, from ourselves, those defects that we carry and that distance us from our Lord Quetzalcóatl...

Samael Aun Weor. The Drama of Quetzalcoatl.

Quetzalcoatl fell, yes it fell! ... But now, all of us can go to the Red Earth, to the Land of our Ancestors, to the Land of our Elders, to achieve, again, the Light and the splendor.

Only by reaching that Blessed Land will we achieve RESURRECTION; and then the figure of Quetzalcóatl will appear within ourselves, here and now. We will cover ourselves with Glory! We will cover ourselves with splendor! We will have Power to dominate the air, the earth and all the Elements of Nature in general!

The day will come when those who follow the Doctrine of Gnosis will be able to bring about changes in Nature. The day will come when those who follow the Doctrine of Gnosis will achieve the Resurrection of the Quetzalcoatl within ourselves, here and now.

Samael Aun Weor. The Drama of Quetzalcoatl.


Response given on the magazine
The Wisdom of the Being, number 83.

Quetzalcóatl is found in the deepest part of our Being, for this reason, only through self-knowledge (self-gnosis) will we be able to find it. What separates us from our lord Quetzalcóatl is our pride, lust, anger, laziness, gluttony, envy and greed.

Quetzalcóatl must be allowed to manifest through us, we must make it flourish one day in our verb, we must make it flesh, blood and life in each of our actions, we must make it manifest with real events working with love for humanity.

He promised that one day he would return and it is amazing how despite time and distance there are many who still await him; But, in reality, it is up to us to fulfill that promise made by our Lord Quetzalcóatl, working in ourselves so that this wonderful force of love penetrates our lives, pierces our hearts and Quetzalcóatl becomes one with our soul.

Our Lord Quetzalcóatl and his wisdom are not dead, they will be with us until the end of all ages. Quetzalcóatl has been since before the universe existed and will remain with us for all eternity.

Excerpt from the ICQ's XXIII International Congress and the Magazine 83.