How would the problems resulting from the termination of employment be solved?

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It seems incredible that even at this time of life, and in the twentieth century, there are countries where workers are laid off without any pay.
It is unfortunate to see the streets of many cities, wandering off workers begging.

We have met parents who after being dismissed have even stolen to feed their children, those have gone to jail.

We met unhappy workers, mothers, that after exhausting the best of their youth in a factory have been put out on the street, many of these unfortunates have had to prostitute themself to not starve their children.

Candidates for the presidency do thousands of promises before climbing to the summit, and then laugh at the unfortunates; many of them even have good intentions but they can do nothing because they are mere puppets controlled by the secret millionaires cliques are precisely those secret cliques those who elect and control, for their own selfish ends.

Samael Aun Weor, The Social Christ.