What is the relationship between the Spatial Sense and the Color tones?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The religions manipulate forces that don't belong to the limited number of 49 tones, forces that could be seen by anyone who has the patience to regenerate the Spatial Sense.

The sophisms of the Marxist dialectic, only can convince the castrated of the will, the stupid heads, the imbecile.

We already know that each one of the seven colors of the solar prism have seven tones, being seven the basic colors, the modern human being  perceives only 49 tones.

Each color can be broken into seven tones and this is known by any painter.

Above and below the narrow limits marked by the 49 tones, there is life and forms of life, unknown for the fanatics of the materialistic dialectic.

The great Mystics often get in touch with creatures that have nothing to do with the three-dimensional world, the said intelligent creatures has been named by the Mystics as Angels, Gods, Devas, Genies, etc., etc., etc.

The development of the Spatial Sense allow us all to get in touch with more subtle forms of life.

The Social Christ, chapter 58. Color Tones. Samael Aun Weor