What is the Karma?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor


1. - My friends there is a law which is called KARMA; this means cause and effect, action and consequence. You must understand what the Law of compensation is; all that is done must be paid, because there is no cause without effect and effect without cause. Freedom as been given to us, free will and we can do whatever we want to, but it’s clear that we must be responsible before God for our acts.

We pay Karma not only for the evil deed that we do, but for the good ones that we don’t do being able to.

When one comes to this world one brings his/her own destiny; some born in a feathered bed on some others in the misfortune.

If we killed someone in our previous lives, now we are killed; if we wounded, now we are wounded; if we stolen now we other steal s us, and with the stick we use to measure, we will be measured.

However, it’s possible to modify our own destiny, because when an inferior law is transcended by a superior law, the superior law washes out the inferior law.

One fights against the Lion of Law with the scale. We must put our good deeds in the plate of the scale with the purpose of tilting the scale to our side; this is how we cancel Karma. Do good deeds to pay your debts; remember that it can be paid not only with pain, but also by doing the good.

Many persons, who are suffering, only remember their sorrows wishing to remedy them, but they don’t remember the sorrows of others, they don’t think in solving others needs even remotely.

If these persons begin thinking in others, in serving their fellow men, in feeding the starving person, in giving something to drink to the thirsty one, in to dress the naked one, in to teach the one who doesn’t know, etc. etc, it’s clear that they would put good deeds in the plate of the cosmic scale in order to tilt it to their side; in this way they would alter their destiny and the chance would turn to their side.

This is, their needs will be solved; but people is too selfish and that’s why they suffer; nobody remember God or their fellow men, but only when they are desperate and this is something that the whole world has been able to prove.

Samael Aun Weor. Gazing at the Mystery.