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How does the Magic Flute play teach us the development of the clairvoyance?

Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The syllables MA MA, PA PA, BA BA are the first syllables which we articulate in childhood. You can start the Initiation with these syllables. You must sing these syllables while assuming an innocent and infantile attitude. You can learn the intonation of these sacred syllables when listening to The Magic Flute of Mozart.

Mozart placed these syllables in his marvelous opera. The disciple must fall asleep assuming an infantile attitude while remembering the first years of his childhood and then mentally singing the sacred syllables.

The word PA PA should be vocalized intoning the first syllable PA in a high voice then the second syllable PA will be uttered in a lower voice. These two syllables should be pronounced many times. You must do the same thing with the syllable MA.

Fall asleep while meditating on your childhood. Review with your imagination your whole childhood and mentally articulate the sacred syllables.

You must know that every child is clairvoyant until the age of 4 years. Afterwards the innocent atoms of clairvoyance submerge themselves within the subconsciousness. Therefore, if you want to reconquer clairvoyance, meditate on your childhood and profoundly fall asleep while articulating the first syllable of the child, MA MA, PA PA, BA BA.
This type of meditation and the sacred syllables will awaken the infantile atoms of clairvoyance. Then you will elevate yourself into imaginative knowledge. You will learn to think with living images.

The present Root Race only thinks in concepts of ideas. These ideas are the result of desire.

Somebody thinks about conquering a woman, then an idea assaults his mind, etc. The ideas belong to the “I”. Therefore, you must learn to think with living images. The infantile meditation and the sacred syllables will awaken the infantile atoms for new activity.

Samael Aun Weor. The Message of Aquarius

Answer of the Book: The Magic Flute and the Initiation.

Since the play of the Magic Flute delivers many keys in secret so he who has eyes to see may see, for there is wisdom, and he who has ears to listen may listen; we are given here a mantra or word of power that is useful for the development of the Clairvoyance, in the wonderful meeting of Papagena with her Papageno, the two of them in a very enthusiastic way (just as the mantras should be vocalized), Papageno says: «¡Pa, Pa, Pa, Pa, Pa, Pa, Papagena!», and then Papagena says: «¡Pa, Pa, Pa, Pa, Pa, Pa, Papageno!».

A mantra is a wise combination of sounds, that has the purpose of helping us in a physical, or animical or spiritual level. The sound gave birth to the universe, for such reason it has a tremendous power. If besides a good use of the word we intend to vocalize the mantra in a stated of physical and mental relaxation, we will get extraordinary benefots as a result.

The clairvoyance is the translud of the soul, it’s a faculty that we have in a latent state and that allows us to see the ultra of nature; it is required for its development ot eliminate the anger, and it’s complemented with the vocalization of this marvelous mantra delivered in this wonderful play.

The Magic Flute and the Initiation. Chapter 12: Papageno and Papagena.