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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor


Newly born children are marvelous. They enjoy total self-cognizance. They are totally awake.

The Essence or Consciousness is re-embodied within the body of the newly born child. This is what gives the baby its beauty.

We do not mean to state that one hundred percent of the Essence or Consciousness is reembodied within the newly born child; it is only the three percent of free consciousness that normally is not bottled up within the “I’s.

Nevertheless, that free percentage of Essence, re embodied within the organisms of newly born babies gives them full self-cognizance, lucidity; etc.

Adults look at the newborn with a type of pity. They think that the baby is incognizant; nonetheless, they are lamentably mistaken.
The newborn looks at the adults exactly as they actually are: unconscious, cruel, perverse, etc.

The “I of the newborn come and go. They circle around the cradle and wish to enter into the new body. However, because the newborn child has not yet built a personality; all attempts by the “I’s to enter the new body are more than impossible.

Sometimes, babies are frightened when they see those phantoms or “I’s” that approach their crib and then they cry; scream. Yet, adults do not understand and assume that the child is ill or is hungry or thirsty; such is the unconsciousness of adults.

As the new personality forms the “I’s” that come from previous existences penetrate the new body little by little.

When the totality of the “I have entered into the new body, then, we appear in the world with that horrible ugliness that characterizes all of us. We then wander like somnambulists everywhere, always unconscious, always perverse.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the book: Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology

For more information please read the Chapter 26 of the Book: Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology