Why is there so much hunger in the world if there are enough land to farm?

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There's no doubt that the humanity is having hunger because of lack of intelligence. The humanity is starving because of lacking of creative comprehension. The 43% of the land, this is, almost half of the land is unoccupied.

Let's remember the immense Amazonian jungles. These profound jungles need people to inhabit it. Those are lands that could supply the entire world. The Brazilian government had the intelligence as to establish its capital city among the very same Amazonian jungle, there's no doubt that with this intelligent measure the government of Brazil is aiming to conquer its own land.

The Amazonian jungles are immensely rich and only is needed people to work and exploit it. The same happens with all the jungles of America. Those are lands that should and must be farmed. There is a lot of land to work , almost half of the Earth is uninhabited and there's hunger, forty million people starve every year. Why are uninhabited so large areas? Why is there people starving while having so much cultivable, arable land? Someone could travel the huge Amazonian areas and walk during entire years without finding human beings; and people is starving as if there were not lands to plough and sow. What happen with the humanity? Where are the millions of people? Poor people! Poor people! Millions and millions of people imprisoned inside the cities begging for jobs and starving. What a shame, it seems incredible for the human beings being so stupid. Stuffed into the cities tormenting each others, crying and suffering, and to crown it all, starving as if there were not lands for ploughing and sowing, as if the entire universe were only the cities.

A revolution in the agricultural and livestock sector... it's necessary to reduce the congestion of the urban life. It's indispensable to establish great agricultural universities. It's urgent to mobilize all the resources of the technology to the heart of the jungles to end the hunger, the land belongs to the one who works it.

Whoever is not working the land has no right to possess it. The land should be taken from those who are not working it. Total economic support must be given to the farmers, tools, money, medicines, etc. should be given to them. The Agricultural Ministry is called to fulfill a colossal mission in every country. We need to start a fight to the death against hunger and malnutrition. The organized work is needed if we want to defeat the hunger. It is needed to give to the Agricultural Ministry extraordinary powers and enough money as to begin a real revolution in the agricultural field. The farmers of the entire world should have an union to realize a totally organized agricultural revolution. This is not a revolution against the government, this is a revolution leaded by the very same governments. The workers should get organized and then take to the Congress of the republics their fair petitions.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the book: The Social Christ.