When did the Consciousness of man got divided?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

After the destruction of Atlantis the human consciousness got divided in two. The fisrt one was called Conscience and the second one, got the name of subconscious.

The subconscious was the outcome of our wrong ways and means of living.

The subconscious should be Conscience, but unfortunately we live so wrongly that one of our two parts sleeps in a profound way and it's called subconscious.

The subconscious works specially while the physical body is sleeping; if such subconscious would awake and became all Consciousness, then it's clear that we would live during the hours we sleep totally awaken in the superior dimensions of the space.

The human being possesses besides the physical body, a molecular body which he uses to travel far away during the hours that the physical body sleeps; unfortunately  the subconscious only allows us subconscious, subjective experiences known as dreams.

Whoever wants to be aware during the dream should turn into conscious the second half called subconscious.

If the subconscious becomes conscious, we have access to the transcendental knowledge of the superior dimensions of the space.

Before the Atlantis' submersion  the human Conscience wasn't divided and it was all Conscience, then while the physical body was sleeping the human being travelled with his molecular body in a conscious and positive way.

When the human being established inside himself such abnormal way of being, his Nature adapted to that conscious duality establishing two systems of circulation of the blood inside our organism.

Each one of these circulations of the blood begin the intensive functioning of the two consciences and, vice versa, the intensive functioning of any of the two consciences produces the corresponding type of circulation of the blood.

Inside the human organism in the condition of wakefulness, the gravitational center of the blood pressure is found in one part of the marvelous system of the blood vessels and while sleeping it's in another part of the vessels.

If the human being achieve turning conscious the subconscious, then while the physical body is sleeping he can devote himself to study the Nature's wonders by moving around with the molecular body in the superior dimensions of the space.

When the subconscious become conscious a radical chance is produced inside the individual.

The Social Christ. Chapter 52: The Consciousness. Samael Aun Weor.