How much damage has caused the subjective reason to the humanity?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The objective reason is clearer, deeper. We totally reject the subjective reason.

The arguments of "matter is the first thing, the living source from where the sensations, the perceptions and the Consciousness come", happens to be a very handy stuff for the  Marxists gibberish, so as to evade in-depth discussion .

Today the Russians say the matter is not the primary thing, that what's primary  is the pro-matter.

The pro-matter from the Russian sage George Lakosky is energy; the so called matter in last synthesis turns into electric particles or electric corpuscles.

Every matter in last synthesis gets disintegrated to return to the ocean of pro-matter turned into electric corpuscles, useful to new material forms.

Therefore, if the pro-matter is the primary thing. Where are the dogmatic statements of Marx? Where remains his materialism?

If a building has its foundations, the basis removed, what is left of the building? The materialistic building has  been left without basis, without foundations, because the matter it's not the primary thing. The primary thing is the pro-matter.

The objective reason points us with total accuracy, that the Consciousness is energetic and therefore previous to the matter. The Consciousness is the primary and the matter is the secondary.

Matter it's condensed energy. Before the matter only the pro-matter exists, this is the energy.

The Consciousness it's the primary because she is energetic.

The exterior only is the projection of the interior. The material or physical it's the condensation of the energetic.

The exterior, our perceptions, our sensations, only are the exteriorization of our Consciousness.

The brain is made to elaborate the thinking but it's not the thinking.

The brain only is a vehicle of the mind, the brain is not the mind.

The Social Christ. Chapter 53: Thinking and Matter. Samael Aun Weor.