What is the Esoteric Teaching of the Sign Capricorn?

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The poor INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL begins his life in this world as a simple germinal cell, subject to the swift time of the cells and ends after about eighty years or more, loaded with memories and experiences of every kind.

It is URGENT to know that a certain SELECTION also occurs in the process of REENTRY or RETURN.

The “I” is a SUM of small I’s and not all of those I’S RETURN to a new human organism.

The “I” is a sum of different, diverse ENTITIES, without an order of any type and not all of those entities RETURN to a new human organism; many of those ENTITIES REEMBODY in BODIES of HORSES, DOGS, CATS, PIGS, etc., etc., etc.

On a certain occasion when MASTER PYTHAGORAS was walking with a friend of his, the latter hit a dog. The MASTER scolded him, saying, “DO NOT HIT HIM, FOR IN HIS PAINFUL BARK I HAVE RECOGNIZED THE VOICE OF AN OLD FRIEND WHO DIED.”

It is clear that upon arriving at this part of our present chapter, the fanatics of the DOGMA OF EVOLUTION will launch against us all their defamatory dribble and will protest saying, “THE EGO CANNOT RETROGRESS, EVERYTHING EVOLVES, EVERYTHING SHOULD REACH PERFECTION, ETC., ETC., ETC.”

Those FANATICS ignore that the EGO is a sum of small animal I and that like attracts like.

Those FANATICS ignore that the EGO does not have anything that is DIVINE; it is a sum of ANIMAL ENTITIES that the LAW OF EVOLUTION will never be able to take to PERFECTION.

The ANIMAL ENTITIES have the full right to enter animal wombs of dogs, horses, pigs, etc., etc., etc., and that CANNOT BE PROHIBITED by the FANATICS of the DOGMA OF EVOLUTION, even if they yell, curse, and fume.

This is the DOCTRINE of the METAMORPHOSIS or METEMPSYCHOSIS OF PYTHAGORAS and in founded on the same Laws of Nature.
In the GOLDEN ASS of APULEIUS we find this DOCTRINE of PYTHAGORAS totally documented.

APULEIUS says that in the THESSALY of WITCHCRAFT, the rocks were nothing but petrified men; the birds, men with wings; the trees, men with foliage; the fountains, human bodies that bled clear lymph. This is an admirable symbolic way to represent the doubtless fact for every occultist, that the DIFFERENT ENTITIES that constitute the PLURALIZED I, can become reembodied in the organisms of beasts or enter the MINERAL, VEGETABLE KINGDOM, etc., etc., etc.

With just reason CHRISTIAN MYSTICS speak with love about the sister plant, the brother wolf, the sister rock.

RUDOLF STEINER, the GERMAN INITIATE, says that only man existed in the POLAR ERA and that animals existed later, they were inside MAN, they were eliminated by MAN.

Those ANIMALS were the different parts or ENTITIES of the PLURALIZED “I” of the ORIGINAL MEN. Those ENTITIES that were eliminated from their internal nature and due to the PROTOPLASMIC state of the Earth of that epoch, marched towards the present physical crystallization.

Those POLAR and HYPERBOREAN MEN had the need to eliminate those ANIMAL ENTITIES, that PLURALIZED I, in order to become TRUE MEN, SOLAR MEN.

Some subjects are so ANIMAL-LIKE, that if all that they have that is ANIMAL-LIKE was to be removed from them, nothing would remain.

SATURN is the PLANET OF DEATH and becomes exalted in CAPRICORN. This sign is symbolized by a small goat as if to remind us of the GOATSKIN, of the INTELLECTUAL ANIMALS with GOATSKIN, of the need to eliminate what we have that is ANIMAL-LIKE in us, the ANIMAL ENTITIES that we carry within.

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