What is the Difference between Love, Fear and Respect?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

FEAR and DEPENDENCY are often confused with Love, however they are not.

Students depend on their parents and teachers and it is clear that they respect and fear them at the same time.

Children and teenagers depend on their parents for clothing, food, money, shelter, etc., and clearly they always feel protected. They know they depend on their parents and for this reason respect and even fear them, but this is not LOVE.

As proof of what we are saying, we can verify exactly that any child or teenager trusts more his school friends than his own parents.

Really and truly, these children and teenagers talk with their school friends about intimate things that they would never discuss with their own parents.

This is showing us that there is no real trust between children and their parents, that there is no true LOVE.

It is URGENT to understand that there is a radical difference between LOVE and that which is fear, respect, dependency.

It is URGENT to give due respect to our parents and teachers, but not to confuse this respect with LOVE.

RESPECT and LOVE should be INTIMATELY JOINED but we should not confuse one with the other.

Parents fear for their children and want the best for them, a good job, a wonderful marriage, security, etc., and confuse this fear with true LOVE.

It is necessary to understand that without TRUE LOVE it is impossible for parents and teachers to guide new generations wisely, even though they might have good intentions.

The Fundamental Education. Samael Aun Weor