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What is achieved with sincere cooperation?

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

Each human being has deep down a small percentage of awaken consciousness, it is miniscule, very small; but it may well become active, that is the task we all have, to get that good thing from the bottom, sometimes super hidden, but you have to make efforts and super efforts so that it manifests.

When you cooperate sincerely, the progress of any organization is inevitable, you can achieve goals that seem impossible. If someone, a single person, sets out to help humanity selflessly, there is a chorus of divine beings who support it; now, when there are several, when desires merge, when competition and selfishness are transcended, it is like a river with great force, like a moving train, like the waves of the sea that always reach their final destination, without no one can stop them.

Many of us mistakenly think that only with money one can cooperate, that is completely false, there are many ways in which one can collaborate for the common good. Although it seems incredible, when one waters a tree, without being asked, and does it constantly, not just one day, but always, apparently that has no repercussions, but a tree has the ability with its mere presence to relax the people. people and then it can reduce violence, it serves as a home for the birds that brighten our day with their songs, shade our rest, give us oxygen and dozens of other things. And you don't need money for that, it's just putting your will into play, putting laziness, negligence and justification aside.



The Wisdom of Being Magazine 86, Chapter: "Cooperation".