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What kind of fire does Quetzalcoatl represent and why?

Answers from Master Samael Aun Weor.

The Quetzalcoatlian fire is found within the center of any Cosmic Unity that comes to life. The Quetzalcoatlian fire is in the center of any living constellation, in the center of every planet and all of the suns; this is why Quetzalcoatl has not perished and will never perish. The Quetzalcoatlian fire existed before the Universe came into existence and will continue to exist throughout eternity.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the lecture: Our Lord Quetzalcoatl.


Answers from the book "The Wisdom of Quetzalcóatl"

But it is not outside of us, it is in the region of the coccyx, in the Muladhara or fundamental chakra, and it has a snake shape; for this reason, Quetzalcoatl also represents it. Sadly, it lies dormant, waiting to be awakened through the merits of the heart and the mysteries of the magic of love. That is why, a snake or "coatl" (symbol of sacred fire), feathered or "quetzal" (representing that it has awakened), is the perfect emblem of the work we have to perform. It is necessary for us to worship the fire once again, as we did in ancient times, but to worship the sacred fire with hard facts in our lives. It is indispensable to prepare ourselves so that, day by day, we are worthy of the fact that this fire can awaken and develop in us.

To learn more, read the chapter 5 of the book "The Wisdom of Quetzalcóatl"