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Why do extraterrestrials come to earth?


Answer from Master Samael Aun Weor.

Infamous slanders have been raised against extraterrestrial visitors, cosmic ships have their history and traditions, these ships have actually been created by Angels, Archangels, Powers, etc. Those who possess physical bodies, beings with awakened consciousness and faculties such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, intuition, etc., and as our earthly mind is full of defects, then we judge according to our perversities and we want to see in our noble visitors all hatred from our minds, all the atrocities of a Hitler, all the monstrosities of the inventor of the Hydrogen Bomb, etc., etc., etc.

We do not want to realize the noble purpose of our extraterrestrial friends, if they wanted to take over planet Earth and enslave all the inhabitants, they would do it in minutes because they have enough elements to do so.

If they wanted to destroy us they would have already done so because they have atomic and scientific instruments with which they can blow up any planet in space. Let us remember that long before we Earthlings knew Mathematics, they already sailed in outer space.

Our extraterrestrial friends know the critical hour we are in and just want to help us. We urgently need your help because we Earthlings are totally unsuccessful. Let us take advantage of the brilliant opportunity for help and help that our brothers in space are giving us and give our sincere friendship.

Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being", N.85. Flying Saucers and Little Green Men.