It is possible for the essence of the animals (elementals) to help us?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

In that Etheric Region, in that Fourth Dimension, live the Elemental creatures of Nature, and this is something that we should understand deeply. To such creatures we will give the name of Elementals, in fact because they live in the elements.

You know my dear friend, that the fire is inhabited by Elementals creatures; you understand that the air is also densely inhabited by that class of creatures and that the water and the earth, are inhabited by those same Elementals.

The creatures of the fire, from the oldest times, were known by the name of Salamanders; the Elementals of the air are designated with the name of Sylphs; the beings of the water are called Undines, Nereids, Sirens, etc., etc.; creatures that live between the rocks of the earth have been baptized with the name of Pygmies, Gnomes, etc. It is clear that the form of these creatures varies very much.

The creatures of the fire are thin and dry, very similar to the cricket, although of much bigger size.

The creatures of the air seem small very beautiful children with rosy faces like the dawn. The Elementals of the water have diverse forms; some seem to be ineffable ladies, happy between the waves of the immense sea, others have the form of siren-fish, with the head of a woman, and lastly there are Undines that play with the clouds or live in the lakes and rivers that flow along their rocky channels.

The Gnomes of the earth, the Pygmies, appear to be old men with their long white beards and ceremonious continent. They live normally in the mines of the earth or look after the treasures that are hidden somewhere in the earth.

Samael Aun Weor. Looking at the Mystery.

Answer from the book: The Secret Teachings of the Popol Vuh

“The farm animals carried the net with all its cobs to the Grandmother’s house and placed it on a corner of the house, as if Ixquic had done it.  As the Grandmother saw it, she did not believe the young woman could have done such feat and looked into the cornfield, seeing there an intact corn stalk and footprints from it.  ‘You are really my daughter-in-law’ – she said – ‘only being my daughter-in-law would you have been able to do as you have done’ and the Grandmother accepted the young woman in her home”.

Just like the Masters try to help us in everything possible, so the essence of the animals, (the elementals as known in Gnosis) can help us in many of our activities.  Gnomes, elves, fairies, ondines, nereids, from times long gone, are closer to us than we believe.  We find them in every plant, every animal and every mineral that surrounds us.

More info: The Secret Teachings of the Popol Vuh, Chapter Four: The Grandmother and the Virgin Ixquic