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What are the 49 subsconcious levels of the Mind?

Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor


St. Michael

Question: Master, you have mentioned the 49 regions of the subconscious and I can say frankly that it is the first time that I hear such a number, since in all the treatises of psychology, parapsychology and psychoanalysis where the processes of the consciousness, subconscious and infra-conscious, etc., are mentioned and studied, these 49 divisions or regions that you mention, are not mentioned, why is this so?

Answer: Distinguished gentlemen, ladies that listen to me, it is convenient to remember the septenary constitution of the authentic m

Since the three-brained or three-Centered biped, mistakenly called man, has not yet awakened consciousness has not created the existential bodies of the Being, he only possesses, in reality, subconscious and subjective states.

Multiply the septuple aspect by itself and you will have the 49 subconscious regions of every humanoid.

Obviously, on awakening consciousness, these 49 states become conscious and only then, would we have conscious and integral objectivity.

We need to transform the subconscious into conscious and this is only possible by disintegrating the psychic aggregates that make up the ego, the myself, the very self.

Let us remember that consciousness is bottled up in such aggregates. Disintegrating the latter, the consciousness becomes awakened.

Samael Aun Weor. Yes, There Is Hell; Yes, There Is Evil; Yes, There Is Karma.