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What is the relationship between the higher mysticism and the Jinn states?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

It is said that a pious monk whose name was Joseph of Cupertino rose up in the air seventy times. This magical feat, which took place around 1650, allowed him to be canonized.

Every time the cited hermit with a sweet face left the hard ground, he let out a shrill cry. Asked by the Cardinal Lauria about that mysterious and strange cry in the precise moment of his flight, the saint answered in an esoteric way: “The gun powder, when triggered in the harquibus explodes with a great sound; in the same way the heart is embraced by divine love. Amen!”

Studying old manuscripts, like clergymen in a cell, we have found in the sacred land of the Vedas, the following phrase: “He who meditates on the centre of the heart, will attain control over the Vayu tattwa (ethereal principle of air). He will also get the siddhis, (powers of the holy men) Bushari, Kechari, Kaya and 50 on (the ability to float in the air and put one ‘s own spirit in someone’s body, and so forth). He will reach cosmic love and all the tattwic divine qualities.”

When dealing with the apprenticeship of Jinns science or doctrine of levitation, the substantial development of the peaceful heart is undeferrable; it cannot be postponed.

Samael Aun Weor. Book: “The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac.”

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

Old traditions say that when Brother León (one of the main disciples of Master Francisco de Asís) brought him his food, it was impossible to deliver it to him, since he was levitating several meters high, then moving away through the forest in full mystical ecstasy.

The most interesting thing is that they leave teachings so clearly visible that sometimes we do not notice them.

The mystical levitations of this master, as well as the walking on the waters of the great master Jesus, on the other hand, the disciples of the Buddha crossing rocks fully concentrated, imply a mysterious latent power in each human being, to penetrate into another dimension with everything and physical body, a millenary science called in Gnosis as Jinas.

The fact that they have dealt with relating it is only to teach us the virtue we need to develop this faculty, clearly indicated as transcendent spirituality, the true mysticism that he taught us in every act of his life.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 91, Chapter: "The Master Francis of Assisi."