The current state of our Society is civilization or savagery?

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Sometimes the civilization utilizes savagery for its own defense, when savagery dresses with the suits of civilization it evolves marvelously, but as much as it may evolve is always savagery, the atomic bomb is at the end just an evolution of the arrow and the spear; it's savagery evolved.

It happens to be very easy to mistake savagery for civilization. The savagery disguised with the suit of the civilization always ends destroying the civilization, before all civilization the savagery sleeps in its lonely cavern, happy with its bow and arrow; when the civilization is born the savagery is pleased and starts evolving always trying to dress with the clothes of the civilization. When savagery becomes powerful, it ends the civilization and after burying her, it returns to its cavern to caress again its bow and arrow.

Before the apparition of the first civilizations of the Aryan race to which we all belongs, there were a stone age, when the Aryan race may disappear, it will come back a new stone age. The wise Einstein said that the man will take once again the bow and the arrow. We agree with that prophecy of the wise man, because it's true that the savagery is already destroying completely and absolutely the present civilization.

Every evolved arrow turns into the atomic bomb, when the human beings abuse the nuclear energy then the end has come and the race ends. The great races that came before us ended with atomic bombs and great geological cataclysms.

The Atlantes had the atomic bomb, the Lemures also had it. Those continents ended and those races ended due to the abuse of the atomic energy.

The races that make the great Aryan race had many civilizations that the savagery destroyed, but the end of the great Aryan race only comes in these times with the abuse of the nuclear energy and the great cataclysms of Nature.

Inside every human being live together, coexist the civilization and the savagery. We are civilized when we walk the path of the Social Christ.
We are savages when we don't walk the path of the Social Christ. We are civilized when we practice the good, the true and justice. We are savages when we walk the black road.

People now are more polarized with the negative pole, with the savagery. People now hate the positive pole, the civilization, the good.
These are the times when the civilization is being devoured by savagery. Soon the civilization will be completely dead. Soon the savagery will make the funeral service of the civilization. The end of times has come.

Samael Aun Weor, The Social Christ.