Why the opinions can't solve the problems of the Society?

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The opinions of the intellectuals from the right or left wouldn't be able to solve this problem because such kind of intellectuals opinions are conditioned  by the theories that they have read and studied. The mind of the leaders from right and left is bottled up among the very same that they are studying, and as it's logical, they only think and give opinions according to their own bottling.

We really will be able to solve the great problem of the individual and the society, by freeing us from the influence of all the propaganda. The problem can't be solved by the opinion or the political propaganda. We must solve the problem. We need to learn o think by ourselves. No leader or book can solve this problem for us.

The individual is the result of the ambience, the religion, culture, family, etc. The individual is the result of the social influences that surround us, this is undeniable, whatever it is the religion or political party that an individual follows is the result of the social influences that surround him.

If we want to find out something more, if we want to know if we are something else that a simple result of the social influences, if we want to know if besides the social influences there is inside us another thing, we need to start by being free thinkers.

It is necessary to start by calling into question the social, political economical, environmental influences, ideologies, etc., etc., etc. Only those men who act, think and proceed like so will be able in reality of beginning a new age of peace, abundance and perfection.

The actual world is pretty close of the thirds world war and it's necessary for us to understand the problem of the individual and the society. If the individual exist for the society he will be a slave. But if the question is different, if the society exists for the individual, he will be free and the society in fact, being an extension of the individual will also be free and happy.

If we want to solve this problems we have to restrain us from giving opinions. Every opinion can be argued. We have to solve the problem by meditating it. It's necessary to solve the problem meditating on it. It's necessary to solve it with the mind and heart. We need to learn how to think by ourselves. It's absurd to repeat like parrots others' opinions.

When we discover consciously with the Mind-Heart that inside the man there is something else, something that it's not the outcome of the society nor the environment, then a total, radical and wonderful change takes place inside our Consciousness .

Samael Aun Weor. The Social Christ.