What food crimes are committed against the people and what are their causes?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The merchants of Earth are poisoning people with adulterated food. In different cities of the World people don't drink coffee or milk.

The coffee sold by many perverted merchants are made from blood of beef, aged corn cake (Tortilla in Central America and Mexico, corn Arepa in Colombia, etc.) burned garbanzo, burned corn, burned sugar, etc.

The milk in the big cities is in part milk and in part water and some other chemical substances.

This kind of coffee and this kind of milk are intoxicating millions of children and adults.

The poor workers spend their money awkwardly in these necessities, without knowing that they are going to destroy not only their health but also their home's health.

The Earth's merchants don't touch their hearts to sell in the markets meat of dog, horse, donkey and even though it may seems incredible but it's so true that many times they sell HUMAN MEAT.

In certain city which name I will not mention, an evil old lady killed children and she used the flesh from their dead bodies to prepare "tamales". Fortunately, the police discovered this monster of crime and after the trial she was condemned to 40 years in jail.

Many unscrupulous merchants advertise wines from best quality grapes, but such wines advertised by such evil ones only are products elaborated from different chemical substances harmful for the health of every citizen.

It has been proved that in the fellow Republic of Costa Rica, Central America, certain kind of greedy merchants are poisoning people with a harmful wine elaborated in an empirical way and without any responsibility outside the law.

The fermentation of such substance enclosed in their recipients becomes toxic and terribly poisonous.

In the Soviet Russia this kind of crimes against the people are punished with the dead penalty, but as we the defendants of the real democracy consider that we have not the right to take anyone's life, we think that it's better to say that this kind of criminals should be jailed in special reformatories.

Samael Aun Weor.

Excerpt from the book: Social Transformation of the Humanity, chapter 36: Crimes Against the People.