Which are the Seven Dimensions?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor


In the human organism there is a thermo-electrical magnetic body. This is the vital body. This body is the seat of organic life. No organism could live without the vital body. Each atom of the vital body enters into each atom of the physical body, to make it vibrate intensely. All chemical, physiological, and biological phenomena, all phenomena of perception, all metabolic processes, all action of calories etc. have their basis in the vital body. In fact, this body is the superior section of the physical body, the TETRA DIMENSIONAL BODY. In the last instant of life, this body escapes from the physical organism. The vital body does not enter the grave. The vital body floats near the grave and disintegrates slowly as the corpse disintegrates. Only the corpse and the personality of the dead man go to the grave.

The vital body has more reality than the physical body. We know very well that the physical body changes totally every seven years and not a single old atom remains in the body. But the vital body does not change. Contained in this body are all the atoms of childhood, adolescence, youth, maturity, old age, and decrepitude. The physical body belongs to the world of three dimensions. The vital body is the body of the fourth dimension.


The ghosts of the dead live in the fifth dimension; this is ETERNITY. Length, width, and depth are the three dimensions of the cellular world. Time is the fourth dimension; eternity, the fifth dimension, and that which is beyond eternity and time corresponds to the sixth dimension.

In fact, liberation begins in the sixth dimension, the world of the divine spirit; it is the Electronic World of the SIXTH DIMENSION. All those who die enter the fifth dimension. Eternity opens to devour the dead and then expels then from its bosom to return them to the world of time and physical form.

The dead ones are expelled from eternity because they still do not have BEING. Only those who have the BEING can live in eternity. The BEING is the INTIMATE, the SPIRIT. It is necessary to work first with molecular material to make soul and them to refine the energy of this soul to a higher grade to make spirit. It is necessary to transmute molecular material into electronic material and cause the fission of the atom to liberate the sacred fire that converts us into divine spirits.



7 fundamental dimensions: 1.Length, 2.Width, 3.Height (we live in these three dimensions). 4. Time, 5.Eternity or Astral or Dreams’ world, where also is the mental world. 6. Causal or will-power, here it’s also the world of the Conscience. 7. Spirit.