How does the TV affect the formation of the personality?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Ever since television was invented, the unity of the family has been lost. In other times the husband arrived from work and was welcomed by his wife with much happiness. Nowadays, the woman does not go to welcome her husband at the door because she is busy watching television.

Within modern homes the father, mother and children seem to be zombies before the television screen. Now the husband cannot talk with his wife about any of the problems of the day, of work etc., because she looks like a zombie watching yesterday's movie, the Dantesque scenes of Al Capone, the latest fashionable dance of the new wave, etc.

The children brought up in this new type of ultramodern home only think of cannons, pistols, toy machine guns to imitate and relive in their own way all the Dantesque scenes of crime just as they have seen them on the television screen.

It is a pity that this marvelous invention of television is used with destructive purposes. If humanity would use this invention in a dignifying way whether to study natural sciences or to teach the true real art of Mother Nature, to give sublime teachings to people, then this invention would be a blessing for humanity.

It could be intelligently used to cultivate the human personality.

It is absurd in any count to feed a child's personality with arrhythmic, inharmonious, vulgar music. It is stupid to feed the personality of children with stories of thieves and policemen, with scenes of vice and prostitution, dramas of adultery, pornography, etc.

We can see the result of such actions in the revels without a cause, the premature murderers, etc.

The Fundamental Education. Samael Aun Weor