Why does the human being want to acumulate, to become powerful at the expenses of others?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Mexico has all its lands Parcelled, and Mexico is not communist.

The Parcellation of the lands is a question of simple common sense, a Vital need for the humanity.

It’s completely absurd that for a single person to have a thousand or two thousand hectares of land , while thoudans of individuals are succumbing in misery.

It seems incredible that in some places of Latinamerica there still exist big landowners like in the Feudal style, lords of gallow and knife with the “Droit du Seigneur” (THE RIGHT OF RAPING THE DAUGHTERS AND WIVES OF THE WORKERS).

All of this is incredible but true. Mexico has done its REVOLUTION long ago and tha’s why it has its lands parcelled. Mexico has passed long ago through that phase of slavery and came to the conclusion that the Parcellation of the land was a fundamental need.

The HUMAN EGOITISM causes horror, any individual with money can hoard in Latinamerica any quantity of land he wants, fences it, establishes limits and then he nor work on them nor let others to work, he just enjoys knowing that those lands are his property.

There are some individuals that have hoarded two thousand or three thousand hectares in those wastelands* with the approval of the authorities.

The deep jungles of the Amazon with its wastelands will be useless, since they would be handed out between three or four individuals with the approval of the authorities.

The HUMAN EGOITISM is frightening. The human being, being poor internally looks outside something to be completed.

The psychological I lonly wants to accumulate, to possess, to become big and powerful at the expenses of others, etc., etc., etc.

In this conditions, it’s absolutely necessary the Parcellation of the lands.

THE SOCIALIST CHRISTIAN LATINAMERICAN PARTY fights for the parcellation of the lands in the entire Latinamerica.

“The LAND BELONGS TO THE ONE WHO WORKS IT”, so said ZAPATA. Nobody is more that nobody and therefore, nobody has the right to take possession of vast tracks of land.

The land belongs to everybody and it should be distributed between everybody, any family of 4 to 6 persons can last with 12 hectares of land.

Any family with more that 6 persons can last with 25 hectares of land.

An individual alone can live with 6 hectares, the land belongs to everybody, and between everybody we can distribute it to work on it, nobody is more that nobody, no one has special privileges.

Mexico with its AGRARIAN REVOLUTION is givng the example to the entire LATINAMERICA.

The time has come to end the HUGE RANCHS, the time has come to end the “Droit du Seigneur”.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the book: The Social Transformation of the Humanity.