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What prevents us from contacting more advanced civilizations?


Answer from Master Samael Aun Weor.

Members of this society mention that religion has always been the basis of all society and the cornerstone of all civilization, only that we inhabitants of this planet Earth, have deviated from these cosmic and universal principles and hence our deviations in crimes, errors, lusts, violence, wars, crimes, killings, etc. etc., to satisfy our psychological self, that set of vices, passions, evils, are personified by small selves that together constitute the psychological “I” or Ego.

God among the inhabitants of Mars, is the primary cause of everything that is or exists, is the beginning and motive of all things, this supreme cause and for them is Sundi God, the worship and recognition of God on Mars are absolute.

Scientists on our planet sent a probe to Mars to find out if there was life, claiming that there were no favorable conditions for human, animal and plant life; What happened, as some extraterrestrials tell us, was that the Martians knew how to orient the photographic apparatuses of the terrestrial researchers towards the Moon.

The aliens do not ignore our destructive character, what would happen if Mars were invaded by earthlings? We have seen how we react, remember the conquest by Spain. Wouldn't the most powerful nations in our world carry or drop their atomic bombs to conquer and destroy defenseless cities? And if that were to happen, the Martians would defend themselves if someone tried to invade them.

In the cosmos in which we live we are not alone, it would be absurd to affirm that we are the only inhabitants of the universe, let's see a sky dotted with stars, we are only one of them, the worlds are many, some stars are more evolved than others, some in an intermediate stage and some more, in frank degeneration, like ours.

Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being", N.85. A Visit to Mars.