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What is required to make the sun really and fully get to manifest in us?

Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Change your character, beloved disciples. Change it through intelligent action, free of the battle of the opposites. When the doors are closed to fantasy, the organ of intuition is awakened. Action, free of the battle of the opposites, is intuitive action, complete action. Where there is plenitude, the “I” is absent.
Intuitive action leads us by the hand to the awakening of the consciousness.
Let us work and rest happily abandoning ourselves to the course of life. Let us exhaust the turbid and rotten water of habitual thinking. In that emptiness Gnosis will flow and with it the happiness of living.
This intelligent action, free of the battle of the opposites elevates us to a point in which something must break.
When everything marches well, the rigid roof of thinking breaks and the light and the power of the Inner-Self enters like a flood into the mind which has stopped dreaming.

Samael Aun Weor. Christmas Message 1964-1965


Answer of the Book: The Magic Flute and the Initiation.

In order to achieve the Sun of truth to fully manifest into us, first there must exist the silence of the mind, to leave the battle of the antithesis, the duality of the mind. That’s why the calling of the little genies to the appeasement; for it to descent, to come back to the heart of the human soul.
We live in the prison of the mind, divided in the duality, and this prevent the Being, represented by the sunlight to give us illumination. While our mind continues agitated, it will be like a stormy sea, where it's impossible to see the reflection of the Sun, where it’s impossible to see the life in depth, a mind like that prevents the Being to manifest.

The Magic Flute and the Initiation. Chapter 10: The Foolishness