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How can we eliminate the causes of our psychological defects?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

The multiple subjective elements which constitute the ego, have causal roots.

The causes-"I"s are linked to the laws of Cause and Effect. Obviously, a cause without effect cannot exist, nor effect without cause; this is unquestionable, undoubtedly.

Elimination of the diverse inhuman elements which we carry within, would be inconceivable if we did not eliminate the intrinsic causes of our psychological defects.

Obviously, the causes-"I"s are intimately associated to specific karmic debts.

Only most profound repentance and the respective negotiations with the Lords of Karma, can give us the joy of achieving disintegration of all those causal elements, which in one way or another can lead us to definitive elimination of the undesirable elements.

The intrinsic causes of our errors, can certainly be eradicated from ourselves thanks to the Intimate Christ's efficient work.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt of the book: The Great Rebellion.

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

It is necessary to know that we have accumulated a lot of karma from the past for having violated the Law, and this is called the Law of Karma, which is a Law of Cause and Effect,

Now, we will have to face the results or consequences when they occur, but fortunately we can pay for it with good deeds, consciously and selflessly helping others, as well as shaping the future that we want by changing the consequences; that is, to disintegrate the cause that originated each event.

But there is also a safer and more definitive way to eliminate karma, it is to disintegrate the cause that produces them and the origin is, in short, the ego or psychological self.

To carry out all this work, we need the help of our Father and our Divine Mother. And thus we will be able to incarnate the Father, Kether, the Ancient of Days.

We must love and venerate our Father who is in secret. The teacher Jesus of Nazareth taught us to pray to our Father.

There is a magical prayer of immense power, a petition prayer. A prayer to speak with our Father who is in secret.

But we need to do it in deep meditation, reflecting on each phrase, each word, and if we do it like this, it will produce marvelous effects. We have to pray, but consciously, because prayer at a thousand kilometers per hour is of no use.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 97, Chapter: "The King."