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What techniques does Gnosis teach us to solve problems?

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

Master Samael explains that problems are mental forms; it is important to distinguish between the mental form and a fact, because a phenomenon is not the same as a mental form. For example, there are the diseases of diabetes and hypertension and one thing is the disease and another is the problem or problems derived from the disease that are created by the mind.

Diseases have various causes, which can be karmatic, elemental, larvae, tatwas, misuse of sex, emotions or mental (psychosomatic). And if you analyze it well, every cause of disease has to do with unconsciousness, because really God created the physical body with great perfection. Then the lack of consciousness causes illnesses and the mind creates problems of illnesses, forming a vicious circle, because when the person is ill, instead of helping others, curing them, encouraging them, guiding them, the person becomes full of selfishness and also he becomes cruel to himself, denying himself the happiness of being healthy.

Problems are creations of the mind; the mind takes care of “turning a flea into a horse”. Judgments, prejudices, obsession with ideas, fantasies, fears, beliefs, fantasies, illusions, create problems. The mind, under any circumstance, reacts, begins to create fantasies and turns them into problems, then the person identifies with the problem, concentrates on the problem, feeds it, thinks about it, creates other derivations and makes it bigger.

It is time to be responsible for our life, for ourselves, each person needs to know how to solve problems intelligently, no one could solve our problems because everyone creates their own problems. The self expends psychic material through them and becomes stronger, then the consciousness is further bottled up. Pistis Sophia, the wisdom within us, suffers and cries out to be freed from problems, to stop suffering.

We can say that in gnosis we are taught several techniques to dissolve problems: Non-identification, meditation, the proper use of the five centers, living from moment to moment.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 87, Chapter: "How to solve problems".