What are the centers of the Human Being?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor


Every human being has seven basic fundamental centers, let’s see them:


1. The intellectual, located in the brain.
2. The motor or movement centre, located in the upper part of the spinal column.
3. The emotional centre, which is found in the solar plexus and in the specific nervous Centers of the great sympathetic system.
4. The instinctive centre located in the lower part of the spinal column.
5. The sexual, located in the genital organs.
6. The superior emotional.
7. The superior mental.
These last two can only express themselves through the authentic astral body arid the legitimate mental body.


The “I” exerts control over the five inferior centers of the human machine. These five centers are: intellect, movement, emotion, instinct and sex. The two centers of the human machine that correspond to the Christ Consciousness are known in occultism as the Christ Mind and the Christ Astral. These two superior centers cannot be controlled by the “I”. Unfortunately, the Superior Mind and the superior emotion does not yet have these two precious Christic vehicles at their disposal. When the superior mind is clothed with the Christ Mind and when the superior emotion is invested with the Christ Astral, really we are elevated to the state of the true human being.

Everyone who wishes to dissolve the “I” should study its functions in the five inferior centers. We should not condemn the defects; neither should we justify them. The important thing is to comprehend them. It is urgent to comprehend the actions and reactions of the human machine. Each one of these five inferior centers has a set of very complicated actions and reactions. The “I” works with each of these five inferior centers, and comprehending deeply the whole mechanism of each of these centers, we are on the way to dissolving the “I”.

In everyday life two people react differently to the same event. What is agreeable for one person can be disagreeable for another. Many times the difference is that one person can judge and see with the mind, and the other’s emotions are touched. We should learn to differentiate between mind and emotion. The mind is one thing and emotion, another. In the mind there is a whole set of actions and reactions that must be comprehended. In the feelings there are attachments that should be crucified, emotions that should be carefully studied and in general a whole mechanism of actions and reactions that are easily confused with the activities of the mind.

Samael Aun Weor. The Perfect Matrimony