Why is it essential to recover the quality of veneration?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

151. It is indispensable that our disciples cultivate the beautiful quality of veneration. 152 We must profoundly venerate all sacred and divine things. 153. We must profoundly venerate all the works of the Creator. 154. We must profoundly venerate the venerable Masters of the Universal White Fraternity. 155. Respect and the veneration completely open the doors of the superior worlds for us.

(Samael Aun Weor. Igneous Rose.)

Answer of the Book: The Magic Flute and the Initiation.

Framed by a palm forest, Sarastro and others priests consecrated to Osiris and Isis, enter in solemn procession to the interior of the temple. Osiris is the Father who is in secret and Isis is our interior Divine Mother. To be a priest of Osiris and Isis means to be consecrated completely to our inner parents, reflecting in our acts wisdom and love.

Our Father prayer left by the master Jesus invites us to know of this divine parts that are always pending of us when it says: “Our Father which art in heaven”, those heavens are the superior dimensions of Nature, when saying “our”, it’s unquestionable that it means that each one of us has his own.

Chapter 4. Osiris and Isis.