How can we defeat a Psychological defect?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

It is urgent to study Gnosis and use the practical ideas that we give in this work in order to work seriously on ourselves. Nevertheless we couldn’t work on ourselves with the intention of dissolving this or that “I” if we hadn’t observed it previously.

The observation of oneself allows entering a ray of light inside us. Any “I” express itself in the mind in one way, another way in the heart and in the sex in another way. We need to observe the “I” that we have captured in a given moment, it’s urgent to see it in every one of these 3 centers of our organism. With the relation to other persons, if we are alert and in guard as the lookout in time of war, we discover ourselves.

Do you remember at what time one wounded your vanity? Your pride? What makes you angry the most during the day? Why did you get angry? What is the secret cause? Study this; watch your mind, heart and sex. The practical life it’s a wonderful school; in the interrelation we can discover those “I’s” which we carry inside.

The Prayer in the work.

Observation, judgment and execution are the three basic factors of dissolution. First: one observes oneself. Second: judgment is passed. Third: execution takes place. Any incident in life, regardless of how insignificant it may seem, undoubtedly has as its cause an intimate actor within us, a psychic aggregate, an “I.”

Any “I” discovered flagrantly must be carefully observed in our mind, heart, and sexual center. Any “I” of lust could manifest itself in the heart as love and in the mind as an ideal. Yet, as we pay attention to the sexual center, we may feel a certain morbid, unmistakable excitement.

The judgment of any “I” must be definitive. We need to sit it down on the bench of the accused and judge it mercilessly.

Evasion, justification, and consideration must be eliminated if in reality we want to be conscious of the “I” that we struggle to extirpate from our psyche. Execution is different. It would not be possible to execute any “I” without previously observing it and judging it.

Prayer in the psychological work is fundamental for the dissolution of the “I” We need a power superior to the mind if indeed we want to disintegrate this or that “I”

The mind by itself can never disintegrate any “I”; this is indisputable and irrefutable.

To pray is to talk with God. We must appeal to God the Mother in the depths of our heart if we truly want to disintegrate “I’s.” The one who does not love his or her Mother, the ungrateful child, will fail in the work upon himself.

Each one of us has his or her particular, individual Divine Mother. She, in Herself, is a part of our own Being, but a derivative part. All ancient civilizations adored “God the Mother” within the most profound part of our Being. The feminine principle of the Eternal One is Isis, Mary, Tonantzin, Cybele, Rhea, Adonia, Insoberta, etc.

Any of those “I’s” that have been previously observed and judged can be reduced to cosmic dust by means of the fiery powers of our own individual, particular Divine Mother.

That who find his/her particular Divine Mother, will find the path of all successes which will lead him/her to the peak of immortality.

“Therefore, any attempt at liberation, no matter how great it might be, if it does not take into consideration the necessity of dissolving the ego, is condemned to failure”.

Samael Aun Weor. The Awakening of the Man.

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