What is the Second Jewel of the Yellow Dragon?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The Second Jewel implies the discipline, of the mind, dominating, whipping, scolding it. The mind is an unbearable donkey that we need to tame!

Therefore, we need to count on several factors during meditation if we wish to attain the stillness and silence of the mind. We need to study the disorder because it is only in this manner that we can establish order. We need to know what, in us, is attentive, and what, in us, is inattentive.

Always, when we enter meditation, our mind is divided into two parts, the part which pays attention, the attentive part and the inattentive part. It is not on the attentive part that we need to focus attention, but rather, it is precisely on what is inattentive in us. When we enter into meditation, our mind is always divided into two parts: the part that pays attention and the part that does not pay attention. It is not to the attentive part that we have to pay attention but precisely to what is inattentive in us. When we are able to comprehend in depth what is inattentive in us and study the procedures so that the inattentive becomes attentive, we will have achieved the stillness and silence of the mind. But we have to be wise in meditation, judge ourselves, know what is inattentive in us. We need to make ourselves conscious of that which is inattentive that exists in us.

When I say that we should dominate the mind, the one who has to dominate the mind is the Essence, the Conscience. By awakening Consciousness we have more power over the mind and thereby, we become conscious of what is unconscious in us.

It is urgent and undelayable to dominate the mind, converse with it, recriminate it, beat it with the whip of willpower and make it obey. This belongs to the Second Jewel of the Yellow Dragon.

My Real Being, Samael Aun Weor was reincarnated in anc ient China and I was calledChou Li; I was initiated into the Order of the Yellow Dragon; I have orders to deliver the Seven Jewels of the Yellow Dragon to whoever awakens Consciousness by living the
Revolution of the Dialectic and by achieving Integral Revolution…

Before all else, we should not become identified with the mind if we truly wish to take the most advantage of the Second Jewel, because if we feel ourselves being the mind, if I say: “I am reasoning! I am thinking!”, then I am affirming an absurdity and I am not in agreement with the Doctrine of the Yellow Dragon, because the Being does not need to think, because the Being does not need to reason. The one who reasons is the mind. The Being is the Being and the reason of being of the Being is being itself He is what is, what has always been and what will always be. The Being is the life which throbs in each atom just as it throbs in each Sun. What thinks is not the Being, what reasons is not the Being. We do not have the entire Being incarnated, but we have incarnated a part of the Being which is the Essence or Buddhata, that part of Soul which exists in us, the spiritual, the psychic material. It is necessary for this living Essence to impose itself over the mind.

What analyzes in us are the I’s, because the I’s are but mere forms of the mind, mental forms that we have to disintegrate and reduce to cosmic dust.

Let us study something very special in these moments. There could also be the case of someone that dissolves the “I eliminates them. It could also be the case that that someone, besides having dissolved the “I fabricates a mental body, because the mental body itself, no matter how perfect it may be, also reasons, also thinks and the most elevated form of thinking is non-thinking. As long as one thinks, one is not in the most elevated form of thinking.

Samael Aun Weor. The Revolution of the Dialectic