Why the prison system can't reform anybody?

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The prison system has failed completely, the prison don't reform anybody.

Sometimes an unhappy man who has no profession and is a lazy on the streets, maybe a wretched father who has no bread to feed his children becomes a novice thief, takes a piece of bread to feed his family, and then he is taken into prison, there the criminal becomes more perverse, the veterans in crime  teach the novice, and the one who once stole a piece of bread, out of the prison will steal a safe box, who stole a dollar will  steal later many millions.

The sexual problem in the prisons is frightful, the men separated from their women become homosexual. Some of them degenerate with the vice of masturbation, some others poison themselves with the erotic imagination and the morbid words turning later, for such reason, into unredeemed seducers, rapists, woman kidnapers, etc., etc.

The prison is a real hell where nobody gets reformed and where they get degenerated, the prison is inoperative and absurd.

A  prison reform is necessary, the prison should be transformed into ultra-modern reformatories.

In the ultra-modern reformatories they would be clinics, hospitals, universities, elementary and middle schools, polytechnic institutes, great industrial workshops, huge farming fields, little rural houses where the criminal could live with their women and their children so they can solve the sexual problem, etc., etc.

All the money that the states spend on the useless construction of penitentiary or panopticon and prisons of less value, they should use it in ultra-modern reformatories.

The prison is in fact a center of crime and laziness, the prison is the paradise of the totally corrupted and degenerated idlers, the prison consumes but it doesn't produce.

The ultra-modern reformatories would be producers of food, industries, arts, etc., etc.

In prison one discovers that the cause of the crime sometimes is the ignorance; in the ultra-modern reformatories the ignorance would totally disappear, there would be special psychologist to study the criminals aptitudes, many thieves are thieves because they have no profession; they don't know how to work, there they would be guided according to their real vocation. The ultra-modern reformatories would turn into producers of physicians, lawyers, engineers, soldiers, priests, technicians, carpenters, cabinet-makers, panel beaters, mechanics, dentists, police officers, tradesmen, farmers, etc., etc., etc.

Samael Aun Weor, The Social Christ.