How does develop the Law of Recurrence?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The manual mill did not give birth the Feudal Society, in the historic past of the world existed societies similar to the one known as Feudal.

The Feudal epoch only is a repetition of similar epochs that precede us in the course of history. The Feudal epoch would have existed even though there were not manual mill. The steamboat did not create the capitalist-industrial society, this would have existed and in fact, it has always existed even though there were not steamboat.

Marx with his cheap trickeries wanted to solve the economic problem of the world without having solved its individual problem, since he didn't even know how to earn a living. Engels supported him. In reality Marx was an utopist who wanted to be famous and he achieved it, he became sadly notorious. The productive forces don't develop with any constant as Marx believes.

The only real constant is the light speed, that's already proven. The social bonds related to the job are subdued to the mechanical laws of evolution and devolution. The Law of the Spiral influence existence, the different types of Societies repeat themselves, always according to the Law of Recurrence.

The Law of Recurrence develops in an spiral line. Everything happens again in higher or lower spires. It's useless to have perfect work instruments y the social bonds are imperfect.

The Social Christ. Chapter  56: Use and creation of means of Work. Samael Aun Weor.