What is the origin of the Wars?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Much has been said about the future war, there's no doubt that it will be atomic. There has been great political events like the case of Cuba for example, yet, the Third World War has not exploited, the humanity awaits with infinite terror this frightfully catastrophe that we know in advance it's unavoidable; the odd thing is that despite the Cold War and the great political events, the Third World War has not exploited yet, the poor people awaits every instant the so feared atomic war, many are the ones who even desire it; so is the humanity.

What really happens is that the fights has never been for ideologies; wars always are for markets issues. The peoples are not the ones who invent the wars, these are always due to the chambers of the powerful, market issues. The powerful are the ones who invent the wars; it's painful to see the poor people deceived by the chambers of the powerful, these lords make the people believe that they have to fight for the mother country in danger, religion, democracy, the cause of the proletariat, etc., etc., etc., then the people deceived go to the slaughterhouse, that's all, even the very medieval wars of the crusades were due to the spices market; that were all. The powerful deceived the people making them believe that they had to fight against the Moors for the conquest of the Holy Sepulchre, the Holy Land, the Christianity, etc., all of that was a deceit, the war was caused for the issue of the market of spices, the European capitalist were interested in the absolute control of all of the spices markets.

The World War II was due to the issue of the markets. Hitler brought his people into war because a market's issue. Germany needed to open his path to the international trade, the competition for the markets was terrible and Hitler, full of ambition only saw the mistake path of violence for the world conquest, the World War II is at the bottom a repetition of the Word War I.

The World War III has not yet started despite of so many very serious political events, due to the fact that not the United States nor Europe have yet been able to saturate with merchandises the Asian, European, African and American markets. Those two Mayor World Powers have crashed with their opposite political ideologies, but have not crashed for markets issues, because not one nor the other haven't yet been able to supply all the markets of the world. Take into account that Asia has not yet been able to be supplied by Russia nor the United States, this means that there are not markets conflicts yet; when those kind of conflicts start then the World War III will be a fact, in those days they will make the people believe that they have to fight for democracy, freedom, communism, religion, for the mother country in danger, etc., etc., etc., and the poor people deceived will go to war. It always has been this way, millions of persons die to make a few people richer. The powerful of the earth are the ones who bring the people into war. Unfortunately those powerful are created by the people and they are the living expression of the egotism of the people.

Samael Aun Weor. Book: The Social Christ.