What are the Seven Yogas that Gnosis studies?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor


In these times there is a lot of literature about Yoga and groups of Hata-Yoga are created everywhere. It is now necessary for us to clarify this issue, for the wellness of all the aspirants to Light…

There are in the Hindustan seven great Schools of Yoga and all of them are very useful because they serve as a kinder to the Human Kind.

In the schools of Yoga there are a lot of useful and useless things. It is necessary to distinguish between what’s useful and what’s useless; as to distinguish between the more useful and the less useless.

The serious students who have travelled through the Hindustan know very well that the best thing of all those schools, the most transcendental it’s on the YOGA-SEX, in the white tantrism.

The HATA-YOGA turns to be a kinder while it only attends the physical needs, when practices gymnasia, but the TANTRIC HATA-YOGA is no longer a Kinder; it is in fact and as a natural right, School of Regeneration because it is related with the Maithuna (Sexual Magic) and with all the TANTRIC SHADANAS or magic-sexual wise postures.

The RAJA YOGA is a Kinder when it is only related with the Chakras, magnetic discs or wheels of the hidden anatomy of Man, but when it is combined with the KUNDALINI-YOGA and the Sexual Magic stops being kinder and in fact turns to be into School of Regeneration.

The GNANA-YOGA is a Kinder when it only deals with the mind and its powers; but when it gets combined with the White Tantrism, it is kinder no more and it turns into a School of Regeneration.

The BAKTY-YOGA or DEVOTIONAL PATH is a kinder when it is only related with the devotional practices, but when it gets combined with the Maithuna in no more a kinder and turn into a School of Regeneration.

The KARMA-YOGA is a kinder when only study the path of the Righteous Action (in a theoretical way), when the devoted is not able of modifying the circumstances of life, when he doesn’t possess the BEING.

Let’s remember that only the BEING can DO. The Intellectual animal has the illusion of DOING, when what’s true is that he DOES NOTHING: everything happens through him. Only the Being can modify the circumstances of life, and to possess the Being we have to practice the Sexual Magic, dissolve the “I” and scarify ourselves for the Human Kind.

The LAYA-YOGA is a kinder when only attends what it’s related with breathing and Meditation. It stops being kinder when it gets combined with the Maithuna (Sexual Magic).

The SAMADHI-YOGA is a kinder when it doesn’t get combined with the Maithuna, because the most elevated form of ecstasies is achieved with the Maithuna (Sexual Magic).

Whoever has travelled through India, Tibet, China, Japan, Great Tartary, etc know very well that the most serious of part Yoga is in the Tantrism. Really without the Tantrism (sexual Magic) is absolutely impossible to be an Adept.

The EXOTERISM or public circle of any Yoga School is a kinder. The ESOTERISM or secret circle of any Yoga School is not a kinder; it’s a School of Regeneration.

Samael Aun Weor. Lecture: “Schools of Regeneration”.