What's the difference between the Profane Anthropology and the Gnostic Anthropology?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Like so, here, there and yonder the hidden Wisdom shines. There is a huge difference between the merely profane Anthropology and the Gnostic Anthropology. The Anthropology merely profane comes from intellective associations, it comes up with logical deductions that can or cannot agree with the esoteric principles of Anahuac or those from the Toltecs, or from Egypt, etc.; but the Gnostic Wisdom, the Gnostic Anthropology based upon precise rules and in eternal and traditional principles know how to extract from the archaic stones all the esoteric knowledge. Therefore, we must make a difference between the Gnostic Anthropology and the merely intellective anthropology.

In this moment of confusion, the human kind lies in a chaotic state; there is a worldwide crisis and bankruptcy of all the moral values, the people have thrown themselves into war, ones against the others and everybody against everybody.

In this moment of worldwide confusion and of bankruptcy of all the aphorisms and hermetic principles, there is no other remedy than to go deep into the wisdom of the past, to extract from many codex the precise orientation as to guide us in the present moment, to drink in the original fountain of the Nature’s august wisdom, to seek the firstly channels of the Cosmic Knowledge.

The Super-Man. Samael Aun Weor