Why is it better to teach how to think instead of what to think?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

At home and at school, parents and teachers always tell us what we should think but never in life do they teach us how to think.

To know what to think is relatively easy. Our parents, teachers, tutors, authors, etc… each of them is a dictator in his own way. Each of them wants us to think about their dictations, demands, theories, prejudices, etc.

Dictators of the mind are as common as weeds. Everywhere there is a perverse tendency to enslave, to bottle up other people's minds, to force them to live within determined norms, prejudices, etc.

Thousands of millions of DICTATORS of the mind have never wanted to respect the mental freedom of anyone. If someone does not think like them, he is classified as perverse, renegade, ignorant and so on.

Everybody wants to enslave everyone. Everybody wants to violate the intellectual freedom of other people. Nobody wants to respect other people's freedom of thought. Everyone feels SENSIBLE, WISE, MARVELLOUS, and as it is natural, wants others to be like him, to make of him a hero, to think like him.

The mind has been abused too much. Observe BUSINESSMEN and their advertisements on newspapers, radio a television, etc.
Commercial advertising is made in a dictatorial way. "Buy such and such soap!" "Such and such shoes!" "Buy it now!"

Immediately!" "Do not leave it for tomorrow!" "It has to be done immediately!", etc. The only thing left for them to say is that if you do not obey, you will be put in jail or killed.

A parent forcefully wants to push his own ideas into his child and a schoolteacher reprimands, punishes and gives low grades if a boy or girl does not DICTATORIALLY accept the teacher's ideas.

Half of humanity wants to enslave the mind of the other half of humanity. This tendency to enslave other people's minds stands out at first sight when we study the dark pages of black history.

The Fundamental Education. Samael Aun Weor