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What virtues do we need to get help from the elementals?

Answers from Master Samael Aun Weor.

We must have previously eliminated the animal ego in order to dominate and use the elements of Nature in a complete and definite way. This is indispensable.

Never can a frivolous and irresolute person rule the Sylphs of Nature. At no time will a feeble, cold or fickle individual be the absolute master of Undines of water and Nereids of the seas. Anger irritates the Salamanders of fire. Gross lascivious [people] who want to use them will become the toys of the Gnomes and pygmies of the mineral kingdom.

We need to be active and quick like the Sylphs, flexible and careful with images like the Undines and the Nereids, energetic and strong like the Salamanders, and industrious and patient like the Gnomes. In a word, it is urgent to overcome the elementals in their strength, and never be defeated in their weaknesses. Remember that our motto is Thelema (will power).

Samael Aun Weor..

Response of the Wisdom of Being Magazine.

The elementals are altered with the character of the human being; for example, a furious, wrathful person makes the elementals of fire enter into confusion, these in disorder or we would say that almost in disarray, they burn the atomic interior of man, causing diseases such as glaucoma, nervous system alteration, spinal damage , high or low pressure, diabetes, gastritis, among others and to balance them, the Gnostic anthropology recommends serenity and patience.

This is the case with the elementals of the air, when the character of the human being has a stubborn, uncompromising and obstinate tendency in his ideas, not allowing fluidity with this element of the air, causing havoc in the mental health.

And what can we say when the character of the human being is unbalanced due to lack of adaptability to the circumstances of life, because neither more nor less is the water element that is altered and being the human body approximately 75% of water, this is the element of greatest influence; therefore, it is advisable to calm down and seek adaptability. It could be through the idea or principle that "everything passes" or that there are always options and possibilities to do things, when the human being constantly observes himself, he can discover those emotional or character disorders and maintain a balance, in that way he will order the elements, just as the ancient Aztec, Mayan, Egyptian priests or the initiated of India or any part of the world who had conscience to order them did.

No less important is to observe the character and see its influence on the earth element, it is wonderful to pay attention and perceive as described by Franz Hartman, those atoms or consciousness of the earth element in our body, which are the gnomes and pygmies, Madam Blavatsky also speak us about them in the Secret Doctrine and Don Mario Roso de Luna, an illustrious writer of the Rosicrucian novel, speaks to us and what would we say of the great Paracelsus that describes these consciences in detail as characters of small stature, bearded and face similar to old people, the so-called dwarfs, whose characteristic is industriousness and that consequently, contribute to the human being by giving him impulse for activity, work, industriousness; that would be the way to counteract laziness, immoderation, gluttony and diseases that they generate. Thus, by commanding the gnomes, one could help in healing the bones, muscles and the lack of momentum in the activities of life.

Excerpt from the magazine: The Wisdom of the Being.