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How can we request the help of the bat God for our health?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

The Bat God has the power to heal any type of sickness; yet, he also has the power of cutting the silver cord of life that unites the physical body to the soul. The Nahua Masters invoked the Bat God to ask him for the healing of their disciples or for healing of their profane friends.

The Master wore the livened of the God of the Air and Maxtlatl around his waist. Then, in the front, and raising the extended palms of his hands, he vocalized three times the mantra ISIS, dividing it in two syllables, as follows:


Afterwards, with an obsidian knife whose hilt was made with jade and gold, he blessed the assistants and in silence he performed the ritualistic invocation:

“Lord of life and death, I invoke thee so that thou can descend to heal all of our aches.”

An impotent silence interrupted only by the crackling of the hearths; then suddenly, the sound of flapping wings together with an aroma of roses and spikenards was expanding all over the temple. A flame that elongated itself as if it wanted to touch the heavens was coming from the hearths; and the Master with the assistants were prostrating until placing their forehead on the ground.

Samael Aun Weor. Book: Aztec Christic Magic.

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

The horseshoe-shaped Nahua temples were dedicated to the cult of the bat god. -We know that the horseshoe represents a character, since the bat God helps both in life and in death according to the processes of the law of karma-. Their altars were made of pure gold and oriented to the east, -because in this way the Sun or consciousness of the Being was worshiped, the gold represents spirituality and the Cosmic Being or Christ, that is why the bat God could not be missing from the altar erected. The Bat God has the power to cure any disease, but also the power to cut the silver cord of life, if it were to appear in the astral plane, it is an obstacle that it is a call to the right path.

We can pray and request healing to this God for our friends or disciples. Formerly it was invoked and those who did it formed a chain accommodated laterally forming a horseshoe figure and squatting vocalized the mantra IS IS, Facing the front, raising the hands with the palms extended, vocalized three times the mantra: ISIS, dividing it into two long syllables, like this:


It used to smell like roses and tuberose during the practice. Much was the devotion of the initiates. The Nahua deity of death (the Bat God) came down dressed in the livery of the god of the air or in the form of an owl.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 93, Chapter: "The bat God."