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What do represent the two columns in the temple of Quetzalpapalotl?


Answer from Master Samael Aun Weor.

Number 2 is Love, the Suffering Christ, He who must live the whole Drama.

In the number 2 are the two columns, Jakin and Boaz; there is association. One must learn to associate ideas, thoughts, to associate with people, things, the family. One must know how to listen to contrary opinions without becoming annoyed, to dissolve the "I" of anger, to cultivate harmony, so that associations may be harmonious.

Within the 2 are relationships; mother with child, woman with man, man with woman, relationships with things, with the antithesis, with opinions. One must learn to manage ideas, dealings, in peace and serenity; that is the number 2. One must learn to manage the 2.

Samael Aun Weor.

Response given on the magazine The Wisdom of the Being, number 83.

... They were then confronting the same esoteric teaching.

Of course, when we say confrontation we are not talking about war or discussion, but about the ability to be there and perceive the great truth that was before them, because in front of them were two columns that remind us of the Arcane number 2.

The Arcane number two is always the association of ideas, it always tells us about the work that is done in marriage, but also, on their right hand, those owls, tell us about those birds that consume that material that is perhaps a little bit unpleasant, which reminds us of that internal work that must be done in the elimination of our infra-human aspects.

Here, these columns that represent the eagle, the symbol of the Christ-Sun on the right hand, then create a wonderful complement, because then they speak to us of the night and of the light, of the darkness and the Christic light; it tells us about silver and gold, about man and woman.

Excerpt from the Wisdom of the Being.