Book: The Secret Teachings of the Popol Vuh


To further satisfy the needs of the avid reader, find below a transcription of what Master Samael Aun Weor has written in relation to the Popol-Vuh.

Chapter 2, Tarot and Cabala

The sacred book of the Maya, the Popol-Vuh, states God created man from mud and then of wood (the Atlantean Race), but they forgot their “Fathers and Mothers”, they forgot the “Heart of the Heavens”, and later a great deluge lead to their destruction and death; they took shelter in caverns yet these crumbled (referring to the submergence of Atlantis).  Thus each one has its very own and sacred Father and Divine Mother.  In the Father and in the Divine Mother Kundalini we see the columns of the temple JACHIN and BOAZ.

Chapter 3, Tarot and Cabala

The Celestial Mother, in the material plane, means Material Production; in the spiritual plane means Spiritual Production.  Deeper analysis reflects something very interesting: the Number 1 is the Father who is in Secret, the Monad from there the Divine Mother Kundalini is born, the Duality.  This one in itself unfolds into the Number 3 which is the Father, Mother and Son, this is the immortal and Divine Spirit of every living being, and the three of them Osiris the Father, ISIS the Mother and Horus the Son, constitute what the sacred book of the Maya, the Popol-Vuh, calls “The Heart of the Heavens”.  The Son itself unfolds into the Soul each one carries within.

Chapter 33 (The Winged Serpent); The Perfect Matrimony

In the Popol Vuh of the Maya, the Bird and the Serpent feature as sexual creators of the universe. Tepeu and Gucumatz sent a sparrow hawk to the immense Ocean of Create Life to bring the Serpent, whose marvelous blood they kneaded into the yellow and white maize. The Popol Vuh says that with this dough of white and yellow maize mixed with the blood of the tine God Tzacol formed the flesh of man. The Bird represents the Universal Spirit of Life.  The Serpent represents the Sexual Fire of the Third Logos. The blood of the Serpent represents the Waters of Genesis, the great universal sperm, the Ens Seminis or Christonic semen, in whose waters is the germ of all life. These waters are the blood of the Earth according to the Mayan philosopher. The Goddess Coatlicue is the mother of life and death (the Ens Serninis).

Really, the Sexual Fire of the Third Logos makes the Waters of Life fertile to bring forth the universe.

In Mayan theogony, two Gods intervened in creation; one who gives life and form to man, and the other who gives him consciousness. The Third Logos makes the Waters of Life fertile and when these have been fertilized, the Second Logos intervenes, infusing consciousness into every organism. The ineffable Gods are the vehicles of action for all the forces of the Logos.

The sparrow hawk H’ch’uuy, the macaw Mo, the kestrel X’Cen Cen Bac, the tapir, Tzimink, Aax and the Serpent Can are the basic components of the Mayan geogenic myths.  These symbols are used exoterically and esoterically.  In the exoteric or public field they symbolize tribal facts, historical incidents etc.  In the esoteric or secret aspect, the questionis highly scientific, profoundly philosophical, sublimely artistic and tremendously religious.

Amongst the Maya, the terrestrial paradise is Tamoanchan, the sacred place of the Serpent Bird. Tamoanchanes are in fact the Initiates of the Serpent. The myth of the Tarnoanchas is the myth of the Serpent bird. The Tarnoanchas are descended from the Toltec, Olmec and Maya.

The Aztecs, after much hardship reached the lake of Texcoco, symbol of the Christonic semen, where they found the Bird and the Serpent, the Eagle and the Snake. The Aztecs are the ones who have the high honor of having founded the Great Tenochtitlan based on the Wisdom of the Serpent.

The Feathered Serpent clearly represents the Serpent Bird. The Feathered Serpent was identified with Quetzalcoatl, the Mexican Christ. Quetzalcoatl is always accompanied by the sacred symbols of the Eagle and Serpent. The Feathered Serpent says everything. The Eagle of the Spirit and the Serpent of Fire transform us into Gods.  The Quetzal of the Maya is the Feathered Serpent, the Serpent Bird.

Monograph #14 – Secret Teachings of the Nahualt; The Bat God; Aztec Christic Magic

In the Popol-Vuh (The Bible of the Maya) the bat is an angel who descended from the heavens to decapitate the first Maya men made of wood.  The celestial bat who advised Ixbalanque and Hunahpu on the actions to take to emerge victorious from the trials of the House of the Bat.

Description of the Serpent, Mayan Mysteries

Identical writing to that of the book The Perfect Matrimony.

The Bat God, Mayan Mysteries

Identical writing to that of the book Aztec Christic Magic.

Mayan Glossary