Book: The Secret Teachings of the Popol Vuh


Being – is the Spirit of the Human Being, the Innermost, and root of our existence; it is an immortal spark that emanates from that which has no name.  Universal Gnosticism affirms each human being has its own Being.

Cabala – is the science of the numbers.  Each number has its own profound meaning.  Ancient books, doctrines, pyramids, teachings are all based on this universal language.

Chakra – is a magnetic center associated to a particular gland or nervous plexus.  Once activated, it allows for the manifestation of dormant faculties and abilities within the human being, as to say: intuition, telepathy, etc.

Consciousness – Is the degree of wisdom or spiritual values awakened in a human being.

Divine Mother – God as Father is Wisdom, God as Mother is Love.  The Being unfolds in the Divine Mother and each one has its own.  She is a part of our Being that guides us in the path towards the unknowable Truth.

Ego – within Gnostic Wisdom, it is pluralized.  It speaks to the thousands of negative energetic entities created by ourselves as a function of our lives and existences.  Together they constitute Lust, Pride, Sloth, Gluttony, Envy, Pride, and Greed.

Essence – The most divine aspect of each one of us.  The set of virtues and gifts of the human being.  It is fragmented and trapped within the Ego.  Typically a 3% of free Essence is present in a human being.

Gnosis – Experiential Wisdom.  It is the knowledge that is found deep within the human being that is discovered with the effort of self-knowledge.  It is the millenary wisdom that has been present in every Golden Age of each of the great cultures of the world.

“I” or Psychological Defect – is the inhumane second nature of the intellectual humanoid, combination of our mistakes, fears, and desires; it is multiple in nature and its multiplicity encompasses the seven main “capital sins”: Greed, Envy, Gluttony, Anger, Lust, Pride, and Sloth, each one expressed by its many faces.

Initiate – The title given to the person who walks into the sacred mysteries and who has walked the internal path.  Initiation is the path that leads us to the Truth that in itself, is unknowable from moment to moment.

Karma – Sanskrit word meaning ‘cause and effect’.  It is a cosmic law that governs all of creation.  Everything we do, whether good or bad, carries an effect and each effect in turn, because a new cause.  When our actions are in favor of others, we earn good karma; when our actions are not constructive, edifying or dignifying, we earn negative karma.

Master – In Gnosis, Master is that individual who has reached certain level of progress in the path towards achieving perfection; it is one who has eliminated a significant amount of their psychological defects.

Meditation – Is the active seeking of information, disconnected from the mechanical associations and the reasoning of the mind, when the mind achieves complete silence.


Mayan Glossary