Book: The Secret Teachings of the Popol Vuh


The Grandmother and Ixquic

ithin every human being we find thousands of defects but also divine forces, luminous aspects that attempt to help us, orient us, protect us, and heal us.

“The young Ixquic rose to the surface of the Earth, escaping the death sentence from the Lords of Xibalba and she walked to her Grandmother’s house (Ancient-Concealer), who cried inconsolably the death of her two sons, the Magi (Ahpu), at the hands of the Lords of Xibalba.  Her only consolation were her grandchildren, Master-Monkey (Hunbatz) and Master-Ape (Hunchouen)”

The Divine Mother is represented in various aspects that work within us.  The millenary Hindu tradition speaks about MAHA KUNDALINI, the Cosmic Mother, and DEVI KUNDALINI, the individual, particular Divine Mother.

The Grandmother (Ancient-Concealer) represents one of those aspects of the Divine Mother as the root and origin of everything that is, has been and will be; the virgin Ixquic is also a symbol of the Divine Mother, as the Egyptian ISIS, the Aztec Tonantzin; symbols of wisdom, love and power.

“The virgin Ixquic presented herself to the Grandmother as her daughter-in-law, and displeased, the Grandmother did not believe her, as her children had died.  But the insistence of Ixquic was such that she ordered her, as her daughter-in-law, to fulfill her duties; feed the ones who must be fed and asked of her to go into the cornfield to fill a net with corn”

There are many difficult circumstances we experience in life, illness, adverse economic situations, family problems, and other dramas that make up our existence.  As usual, the mind complicates things but in reality, does not resolve any of these.

“At the cornfield there was only one corn stalk, and on it, only an ear of corn; troubled by this the young Ixquic cried and invoked the help of the Guardian of the Harvest Fields (Chahal), of the Goddess of Rain (Ixtah), of the Goddess of the Harvests (Ixcanil) and of the Goddess of Cocoa (Ixcacau).  She pulled silk strands from the ear of corn and placed them carefully on the net, and the invoked gods transformed the silk strands to cobs”

In these modern days, we characterize ourselves for being conceited and self-sufficient, and we have forgotten that everything is ruled by intelligent divine principles; that each family, each town and each country has their own genie, angels, and masters, who rule the human activity and who are ready to help when, like Ixquic, are invoked from the bottom of our hearts and recognizing our own insignificance.

“The farm animals carried the net with all its cobs to the Grandmother’s house and placed it on a corner of the house, as if Ixquic had done it.  As the Grandmother saw it, she did not believe the young woman could have done such feat and looked into the cornfield, seeing there an intact corn stalk and footprints from it.  ‘You are really my daughter-in-law’ – she said – ‘only being my daughter-in-law would you have been able to do as you have done’ and the Grandmother accepted the young woman in her home”

Just like the Masters try to help us in everything possible, so the essence of the animals, (the elementals as known in Gnosis) can help us in many of our activities.  Gnomes, elves, fairies, ondines, nereids, from times long gone, are closer to us than we believe.  We find them in every plant, every animal and every mineral that surrounds us.

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