Book: The Secret Teachings of the Popol Vuh


The Assen

We see the same drama of death, resurrection and ascension lived by the Great Master Jesus in the Popol-Vuh, as this drama is of a cosmic nature.  This tells us that the wisdom of the Maya, just as the teachings imparted by the Master of Masters, is not just historical, but a guide of what must partake within us, here and now.

The End of the Empire of Xibalba

“The Twins, Master-Magi (Hunahpu) and Little-Solar-Priest (Ixbalanque), revealed themselves and talked to who their fathers were, the ones who had been murdered on a ball game.  ‘We are the avengers of the pain and the suffering of our fathers and as a consequence, we will terminate all of you… no one will escape’ – is what they said to those of Xibalba”

We must become the “avengers” of our internal Father and Mother; we must raise arms against our own selves and fight every passion, each and every psychological defect and not allow any of the ones from Xibalba to escape.  This is the time to launch ourselves into battle against our own selves.

“And all those of Xibalba knelt and begged for forgiveness, because of the harm they had caused their fathers and because of the suffering they had caused.  They were sentenced, they lowered their blood status, they were prohibited the ball game, and they were imposed into humble duties.  They were only allowed to speak to the sons of weeds and to the desert.  They were ordered to stay away from the children of the enlightened and from the civilized servants, and to never speak to them.  They could only speak to the sinners, the perverse, the wretched, the ones who suffered, and those who surrender to addictions and bad habits”

This is the very same Doctrine of the Many studied by the Tibetans and the Egyptians; to realize that we are not individuals, but a collectiveness of defects.  The sons of the enlightened and the civilized servants are those who truly seek for the Internal Wisdom, the ones who do not justify their mistakes.  These are the ones who seek to amend themselves and their willpower is directed towards reaching Divine Perfection.  Undoubtedly, these will not become victims of the Ego.

“And as so began their destruction and their lamentation.  In times past, they had no power, they were not gods.  Their only task was that of hurting men.  Their faces were ugly, they were the enemies who incited wrongdoing, sin and discord.  Those were the false of heart, black and white simultaneously, envious and tyrants.  They used to paint and smear their faces.  Such was their decadence and thus, the end of their empire”

We are living times when our internal defects have gained tremendous strength, they are being paid tribute and have led us to raise a false civilization based on that which is illusory and temporal.  They are not rooted on Wisdom and not in the soul.  These are demonic entities created by ourselves that lure us into being false, envious and tyrannical.  Lust, greed and anger – as the wisdom of the orient states, are the doors to the AVITCHI (hell).  In each one of us exists pride, vanity and arrogance and these invite discord.  The thousands of our defects are the causes of illness, suffering, aging and death.

The Grandmother and the Cane

“As all these events unfolded, the Grandmother wept before the canes the Twins planted at the very center of the house, as these had dried when they had been burnt at the stake.  But as they returned to life, her heart was inundated with happiness and she lit a fire and burned copal in their very memory.  The canes were adored by the Grandmother and she called them ‘the center of the house’ and ‘the living canes of the flat land’”

The eternal feminine principle is always watching us at every instant of our lives.  It knows of every thought, sentiment and action we experience and we drift away from its presence when we allow ourselves to be fooled by our own mistakes.  We approach her whenever our actions are based on right action, right thought and right feeling.

One of the aspects of our Divine Mother is that of a special fire that remains dormant in the magnetic center (chakra) of the coccyx and in India, this fire is known as KUNDALINI.  Awakening this fire is indispensable and it must ascend victoriously up the spine (symbolized by the cane), turning it into a Living Cane.  This fire will never awaken without the magic of love and the merits of the heart the Twins earned by enduring all the torments, tests and tribulations imposed by the Lords of Xibalba.

The Twins Converted into the Sun and the Moon

“Then the Twins walked to the ball field where their fathers had been sacrificed, and their hearts rejoiced when they finally talked to them and said: ‘You will be invoked by the children of the enlightened and by the civilized servants, your names will not be forgotten’”

Undoubtedly, the fathers of the Twins: Supreme-Master-Magi (Hun-Hunahpu) and Principal-Master-Magi (Vucuc-Hunahpu), their reunion with their sons represents the integration of all of the different parts of our Being once they become self-conscious and perfect.

We have unfolded from that which has no name and no limit, and our duty is to reintegrate with the most superior parts of our Being.

“And the Twins were raised to the Heavens within a great light, one became the Sun and another the Moon, and they enlightened the firmament.  The 400-many who were killed by Wise-Fish-Earth (Zipacna) accompanied them and they all became stars”

The 400-many killed by Zipacna (a story narrated on the first part of the Popol-Vuh) are the many faculties, virtues, abilities and laws we obtain as we work on the disintegration of our psychological defects.  They come to show the total harmonious development of their internal faculties.  The number “400” among the Aztec and Maya is a symbol of “innumerable”.

To become a Sun and a Moon is our mission in life; we must return to our origin which is the Divinity from which we have emerged.  The Sun is our Eternal Masculine Principle (our Father who is in Secret) and the Moon is our Eternal Divine Feminine Principle (our Divine Mother).  We must reintegrate with them and become one with them.  This is the path of illumination taught by the Buddhists.

Yet we must not rely only on our good intentions.  To convert ourselves into the Divine Twins is our duty and for that we must awaken our consciousness.  If we are seeking for guidance to achieve this great work, the Masters among the Maya have left us the writing of the Popol-Vuh.

“Any attempt towards liberation as great as it may be, if it does not consider the need to dissolve the Ego, is condemned to fail”
– Samael Aun Weor

This work is for titans and for the warriors seeking to earn everything, must be willing to leave everything in the battlefield.  This work is for those who are willing to battle the world of false teachings and false beliefs, of expired social habits, the demon of our defects, and the flesh of our bestial passions.

Embark on the quest of the Divine Twins in your own heart, so they can manifest in your daily life through the magic of self-knowledge and thus, enable you to incarnate the secret teachings of the Popol-Vuh.

Chapter 13